Essi's birthday WWF charity
Essi Karvonen Helsinki WWF Yleiskeräys

Essi's birthday WWF charity

I love animals as most of the people who know me have noticed ;) I don't eat meat, animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends! My dream is to have my own rescue shelter one day. Till then I try to help in other ways, I might not have a lot of money to donate but every now and then I make small donations and also by donating stuff for the local shelter to sell or re-use. Also spreading the word about animal welfare is helping too. Your own acts in eveyday life are an act of kindness towards the animals and nature. I found out about this birthday charity campaign and thought that this is a brilliant way to help the animals! So please, make a small donation for the animals and also give me the best birthday present ever, the gift of helping animals!!! Thank you.

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12.4.2016 7.5.2016



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Essi's birthday WWF charity
Essi Karvonen
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