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Sav the tiger

According to Project Tiger, tigers are believed to have evolved over 1 million years ago in Asia. From there, the tiger spread north to the Amur region of eastern Russia, south to the islands of Indonesia, and southwest to Indochina and the Indian subcontinent, eastern Turkey, and the Caspian Sea. This species, which a century ago was believed to number 1,00,000 the world over, is today reduced to about 3890, according to the World Wildlife Fund and the Global Tiger Forum. We at digital marketing agency must support WWF relentless work to save the tiger. We encourage every employee and partners of our agency to donate as much they can for this noble cause. The IUCN currently recognises nine subspecies, three of which are extinct in the wild. Of the six subspecies still found in the wild, three are considered to be Critically Endangered -- the South China Tiger, the Sumatran Tiger and the Malayan Tiger. The first of these has not been observed in the wild since the 1970s and may be extinct. Three further subspecies have been declared extinct; Bali, Caspian and Javan Tigers.

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Sav the tiger
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