Tallink: Your name on board
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Tallink: Your name on board

Did you know that the Baltic Sea is home to the smallest seal species in the world – the Baltic ringed seal? The ringed seals are arctic species, and their survival depends on the presence of ice and snow. That is why climate change poses the biggest threat to the Baltic ringed seal today. With the donations collected in this campaign, we can start projects to find out ways to help the pups survive through warmer winters. For example the Archipelago Sea may only freeze for a few weeks in the future, which is not sufficient to carry the ringed seals through the breeding season. Everyone who makes a donation to this project is invited to digitally write their name on board of Tallink’s new vessel, Megastar. In the entrance lobby of Megastar, there is a huge screen welcoming everybody coming on board or saying good bye when they leave. The Tallink Shuttle image on the screen will consist of the names of the people, who have donated for the project and wish to see their names on board of Megastar. Every donor with the amount of their donation is also visible in the list below until the end of this campaign in February 2017. If you don’t wish to have your name shown, you can leave the field empty. Join us in making the Baltic Sea a better place for the seals – and for all of us! (Link to more information) (Main image copyright: Marko Stampehl

Amount Raised:
Target: 25,000 €
4/14/2016 6/30/2017



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Tallink: Your name on board
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