Mikko Sinisalo - 60th birthday
Mikko Sinisalo Helsinki Suomalainen luonto

Mikko Sinisalo - 60th birthday

A special milestone for me is soon there (on May 9th), but for obvious reasons I am not throwing a big party (if not later in the autumn to celebrate my retirement - but that remains to be seen). Instead of receiving any presents, I rather wish to honor the Finnish nature - that is much more important. While the world is huge, with our joined effort we can give even a little support for the protection of one of Europe's wonderful gems, the nature in my home country Finland. With your donation you participate in the activities of WWF Finland to support the biodiversity in EU's largest wildernesses with many endangered plants and animals as well as keeping 168.000 Finnish lakes unpolluted. Something to be proud of!

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Target: 6,000 €
4/19/2021 5/31/2021



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Mikko Sinisalo - 60th birthday
Mikko Sinisalo
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