Heidi´s birthday POLARBEARFUND!
Heidi Salonen Kerava Jääkarhu

Heidi´s birthday POLARBEARFUND!

Hi there! I´m having my birthday on the 8th of March 2014. I don´t need a present, I am happy to have you as my friend, that is the best gift you can give to me! :) BUT if you want to give a gift I know exactly who needs our help at the moment, very much :( - My all time favorite animals POLAR BEARS are in trouble. At the moment their habitat is in a great risk because of the climate change and next to that the big oil companies are trying to take over the white paradise and start drilling oil. It would be a disaster for the whole ecosystem in the arctic area. These beautiful white bears are in risk of extinct. Giving the nature your support is the best gift you can give not only for me but the whole planet! Thank you! Heidi

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Heidi´s birthday POLARBEARFUND!
Heidi Salonen
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