Save the White Christmases
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Save the White Christmases

//English below JOUTUUKO JOULUPUKKI VAIHTAMAAN REKIKYYDIN VENEESEEN? Ilmastonmuutos uhkaa maapalloa ja sen seurauksena myös meille rakkaat valkeat joulut ovat uhanalaisia. Helppo tapa auttaa taistelussa ilmastonmuutosta vastaan on tukea WWF Suomen ilmastonmuutoksen vastaista työtä. Avasimme keräyksen lahjoittamalla euron jokaista Winter Warrior Finland kisaan ilmoittautunutta kohden. Tule mukaan auttamaan! Lahjoita vaikka muutama euro hyvään tarkoitukseen joulukorttien sijasta? //English DOES SANTA HAVE TO CHANGE HIS SLEIGH RIDE TO A BOAT? Climate change is threatening the earth and even our beloved White Christmases are endangered. Easy way to help fight against climate change is to donate to WWF’s climate work via this fundraising. We decided to kick off the fundraising by donating one euro for everyone that has registered to Winter Warrior Finland race so far. Come and join us! Donate a few euros for a good cause instead of sending Christmas cards? //about WWF Finland - World Wildlife Foundation WWF Finland is part of the extensive international WWF network that has offices in about 50 countries and operations in over one hundred countries. WWF, which was founded in 1961, has grown from a small organisation that focused on conserving endangered species to the most influential environmental organisation in the world. In Finland, they conserve domestic endangered species such as the Saimaa ringed seal, the Finnish forest reindeer, the wolverine, the Arctic fox and migratory fish. They promote forest conservation and ecologically sustainable forestry, maintain cultural landscapes, help the Baltic Sea in many ways, and clear and restore running water. They operate to prevent climate change and on behalf of sustainable production and consumption habits. They produce information and take environmental education into schools.

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Target: 1,000 €
12/8/2019 3/31/2020



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Save the White Christmases
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